Year of Pictures Subscription/Package


Year of Pictures Subscription/Package


Ever look back at your family pictures and realize that all of the pictures were taken on your phone?   It doesn't have to be that way. 

This is for the busy family who either does not have a DSLR (that’s code word for fancy camera) or has a DSLR, but doesn’t know how to work it. Or you pretty much know your way around the photo world, but would rather enjoy the soccer game.

I get it. I am here for you. 

8 times a year, I can drop in and photograph an “every day” life event such as: making pancakes, washing the car, taking the dog for a walk, 30 minutes of grandpa’s birthday, first tooth, 30 minutes of a sporting event.

How it works:  Email or Call to set up our mini-shoot. I need at least 48 hours before life event happening, we book a 30 minute time slot where life event occurs. I capture it, and share pictures with you.    

After that, you share pictures with your world, and presto chang-o, you look like the polished awesome family that you are.

What's included:   

1 photographer - all digital images

Digital Files stored on Google Drive for 1 year after shoot date.  

8 photo shoots per year* at 30 minutes each

  • 1 hours post production
  • 3 days turn-around time
  • 20 images per shoot

Rush fee of $50 for day of or next day turn-around.

$100 a hour over 30 minutes


Cost & Subscription:  

  1. One time payment of cash is $1000.00 - that is an annual savings of $200.  Regularly priced mini-shoots are $150 each. 



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Yes, there are rules: 

*Year starts on purchase date

8 shoots must be used within 12 month period, with no refund on unused shoots.

Monthly subscription can be cancelled at any time with 14 days notice prior to next month's pay date. 

At least 48 hour notice per shoot.

Cancellation on Yearly plan will result in refund of $100 per month not used. 

Portrait sessions are not included in this package.  Think "candid" or "event".  

Max time per shoot is 30minutes