Typically potential clients either email or call. We  We discuss what kind of shoot you are looking for, locations, clothing, what to bring, how to prepare the children (and adults), my style and many other aspects.  Typically this phonecall takes about 20 minutes, or a few emails if you choose to email. 


Click HERE for a blog post about my converted garage studio. 


Stay hydrated! Drink as much water as possible 48 hours before shoot – it does wonders for the skin!

Practice "looking with your eyes" or as Tyra Banks coined it: SMIZE! 

Fun exercise - about that smile: It may seem silly, but practice smiling & posing in the mirror for the next couple days. Do a couple variations – turn it into a fun thing around the house. Smiling is contagious so its always fun to suggest to a family to practice smiling together. Plus it is worth it –as this is the smile that you want to be recorded forever.  Once you have the smile you want, turn away from the mirror and remember how it feels. Then try to re-create the smile without looking in the mirror, and then look in the mirror to see how you did.  We tend to have a separate relationship with ourselves in the mirror, and for the most part its positive!  When people say “I’m not a picture person” or “I have a double chin” or “this is not my good side” this is the #1 help with that – because they aren’t used to practicing their “look” or “pose”.  Find your “good side” get to know what it feels and looks like when you position yourself to have no double chin, etc. Celebrity headshots & red carpet pics don’t just happen – they work on their look in acting classes and with their coaches.  It is something to think about!


We LOVE tickles, cuddles, hugs, kisses & laughter.  Have some tricks up your sleeve for the child who might take a minute to warm up. I will have a couple of tricks, but you know your child best. 

Bribes!  Perfect bribes are a toy or an activity after the shoot. 

Make sure everyone has eaten, washed faces, and gone to bathroom before we leave the house

Avoid colorful drinks or lollipops within 24 hours of the shoot as they stain the children’s face, teeth and mouth.

If your child is still of napping age, make sure they are well rested

Props – bubbles, favorite toys, bikes, etc. lets talk about this beforehand if you want to include props.  

Posed family photos – our shoot will involve posed family photos, so its encouraged to smile as much as possible.  It might be tricky to get a smile out of the kids at the same moment – so I need the parents to be ready in that split second your child flashes the amazing smile that everyone loves.  

Good news: I’m not stressed about any disagreements, sass, tantrums or crying. I will be ready to capture each smile that comes our way

WHAT should we wear??? 

As a general rule of thumb, I discourage logos, and any neons.  Here are some color groupings for inspiration!



I am based in Marin County, and cover most of the Bay Area including: San Rafael, Mill Valley, Tiburon, Sausalito, San Francisco, Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Ross, San Anselmo, Larkspur, Corte Madera, Greenbrea, Fairfax, Woodacre, Nicasio, Point Reyes, Burlingame, San Bruno, Pacifica, Oakland, Peidmont, Berkeley.  If desired I can also travel further afield but please note additional fees will apply.

If you have chosen a location session I will suggest beginning the shoot early. I find children tend to be at their best and the morning light is ideal for photography. The precise time will depend on the season but the earlier the better.

I always strive for natural expressions. By learning a little about my subjects I can connect with them and create natural reactions. I tend to talk, use humor and very gentle guidance to achieve the look we are going for.

I am familiar with most trails in Marin, and know the best spots for timing & lighting.  Please see the tag on my blog: LOCATION SCOUTING