Instagrid NYC

Kind of obsessed with Instagram Grid App right now.............. Here's what i've made so far: 

September 11th Memorial

I was fortunate enough to barely make it to the September 11th memorial at 850pm on my last night in nyc this visit.  The footprints are moving, intelligent, and thoughtful.  I am wondering if anything other than the footprints was needed?  I did not care too much for the other things.  The footprints force you to calm down and reflect.   

I wanted to go stand at "my" tower, and think about my life when the towers were a part of my daily commute.  I had just graduated from college, and was working my first office job in Jersey City, NJ. I lived in the West Village, and would walk down to the WTC every afternoon for my oddly houred shift of 3-11pm.  

These are my pictures taken from where my daily entrance was - i had waited 13 years to finally go back to that physical place from my past.  

As the water falls, you think about the colors of the towers, and people falling. As the water falls even more into the black hole, and then up again to to crystal-like steams - you think about rebirth and renewal.  

Robin's Graduation

I flew out to New York for Robin's Graduation party. She graduated from high school this year, and I thought it would be a nice surprise for her.  We had such a nice time together while I lived in NYC.   

1 week before the trip however, she fell off of a fire escape, and crushed both of her heels.  She will be in a wheel chair for months, missed her graduation, and prom.  

I wish you a speedy recovery robin - I love you, and thank you for letting me kiss your cheeks, and braid your hair like old times. 

Jazz Age Lawn Party - or - My Own Personal Burning Man...

This past weekend in NYC, Lea and I went to Mike Aranellas Jazz Age Lawn Party held on Governors Island.  This has been on my bucket list for a few years now, so we went all out. Here are some pics from the event.