Emergency Jewelry Shoot!!!

When your friend is a Jeweler with 2 kids, 1 large Bernese Mountain Dog, 1 husband that works full time in the city, and is 9 days away from 2 of the countries largest jewelry wholesale shows (take a deep breath) contacts you at 9pm on a monday night needing photo help..................................  You put down your glass of wine, and grab your camera (the next day of course....) 

Thats pretty much what happened last night & today on my lunch break. Even though I am busy at work as well, (replace kids, dog, hubby, & shows with 3 bosses, 3 websites, 15 social media accounts and 150 un-photographed cars) I managed to get over to SRJ Factory and snap a couple pics for SARAH RICHARDSON JEWELRY.  If you do not know her work, you should! Here are a couple un-edited samples of pics we took today for her to use in her new banners.

Sarah of course did all the set-up & prep.  I literally just pushed the button. :) 

Oh - one more thing about Sarah - I left my phone on her couch, and without skipping a beat, she was in her car, racing it back to my office at the dealership.  Most people don't do that.  Most people say "i'll leave it in the mail box for yah".  Thank you so much Sarah!