Location Scouting: Samuel P. Taylor Park

Nick and I did a little location scouting for an upcoming Wedding Portrait shoot happening this February.  The couple's first choice is Muir Woods, but just we are planning a backup "Redwoods" Scene just in the even that Muir Woods can't happen.  I think Samuel P. Taylor Park is a great second option. It is less crowded, and during the week, we would essentially have the park to ourselves.   Nick and I stayed off the trails, and stuck to the campgrounds where we would have easy access to a car filled with gear, props, etc.  These pictures were taken with my Samsung Note 4, filtered with VSCO for lightroom: Kodak Gold-100, and are simply "ideas" or scenes.  Mentally insert a happy couple into any of these pictures to get a better idea of the park.  

Susan & Dean

During my first meeting with Susan & Dean,  I liked that they were committed to San Rafael by keeping their business, home and wedding here. They are also committed to honoring their parents, staying active in the community, and keeping in touch with old friends. 

As a couple, they respect each other and are classy and confident. Their wedding at the San Rafael Elks Lodge, through Maple Lawn Events, was gorgeous and filled with loving friends and family.  

I'll admit that I cry at every wedding... Yes, I keep it together, and yes, maybe its because of the stress. But at Susan and Deans wedding, that moment presented itself while they were on the dancefloor during their first dance. What I got from that moment was that true love and commitment happens no matter the time or place, and that is something to celebrate. 

I feel totally grateful to be their wedding photographer.