I've been searching for some kind of program to be involved with that gives middle class families the chance to spoil their children with extra cirricular activities.  My parents both worked hard to be able to give us piano lessons, swimming trips, chior trips to europe, dark room equipment, football, soccer & baseball - the list goes on!  So today I discovered, and found a classroom about 1 mile away from where I live that needed media tools for a project. I decided to donate to this project because honestly I'll never forget the first photography award I won in the 7th grade, and the confidence that it gave me as a student! 

Please search to see if a classroom near you is in need of any specific material:

Well now I feel like I've been hiding in a hole, because look at this timeline! What a company! 

I'll include a recent picture of Mt. Tam, because this is a photography blog afterall!