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Magdalena Lutek’s Wistful Women:
Magdalena Lutek, or Nishe, has captivated us with her introspective photographic subjects. Subtle and dreamlike upon first look, Nishe’s wistful ladies seem caught in the middle of a contemplative moment, almost as if they are planning an escape from it all. Portable spoke with the photographer about her work and inspirations.
Portable: How did you get started doing photography?
Magdalena Lutek: When I was 15 I found my father’s old camera in the attic and I haven’t stopped photographing since then.
P: Do you prefer to shoot with film as opposed to digital?
Magdalena Lutek: Film and instant film.
P: There seems to be a lot of contemplative moments, are you drawn to introspective themes? If not, what themes do you seek in your work?
Magdalena Lutek: Yes, there are some introspective elements in my works, I wish to portray what I know best—longing for the past, melancholia, anxiety, loneliness. Some of my works, especially earlier ones, tended to be very introspective.

P: Your use of natural light is beautiful, how do you go about capturing that raw feeling?
Magdalena Lutek: I’ve always been inspired by nature and the light changes that occur during the day. I look at everything closely and see beauty in the way light reveals shapes and colours of the surroundings.
P: Do you have a specific reaction you are trying to emit from the viewer?
Magdalena Lutek: A personal connection to what the photograph portrays. An understanding.

P: Who or what inspires you?
Magdalena Lutek: Nature, light, painting, forests, childhood dreams, people that I photograph.
P: What projects do you have coming up in the future?
Magdalena Lutek: Currently I have no plans, I’m just waiting for the summer.

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