we let our hair grow long, and forget all we used to know

this cover by Ane Brun reminds of the time i heard a snippet of the arcade fire, and as a result, was immediately obsessed. i had to have their cd - but i think my ipod was broken at the time, so i had to look for it in CD format - or maybe they weren't on itunes yet? i don't recall, but i do recall finding it very difficult to locate the cd format of the album. i called all of the record shops in manhattan, until i finally found a copy - at that shop down in the east village right by nyu off broadway on like 11th?? it was across from the tower records (no longer exists). anyway - it was raining like crazy that day - it was a friday.
after work i went downtown to buy the album. there were only like 3 copies, and the record store kid was so excited someone had heard about the arcade fire. makes me laugh because they aren't any kind of secret, and never really intended to be a secret. anyway, i bought the cd, put it in my cd player, and rode the M4 bus all the way uptown in the rain, back to my apartment.

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