8 year olds

a couple weeks ago, I was watching K, E, T & J. lots of little buggers. we were planning on going on a little hike - but the eldest: K - was kind of having a "moment". 

She was hiding throughout the house - as she put it she needed space. 
I'm all about that, and told her I respect her space, etc. but I was babysitting - so every 15-20 minutes, T & J & I would go around the house looking for her just to make sure she was still in the house and everything was fine.

At one point it took us 30 minutes to find her - finally hiding in an attic I didn't know existed.

K: I thought you said I could have space!
A: There are parameters within your space.

E (the 8 year old):  ha ha. you said there are parameters in space.