on newt & the moon

I get the whole Moon mission & how it is important to science, history, mankind, etc. But what I don't get is Newt G.'s mention of putting an American Colony on the moon - (if he so graciously becomes our next President.) 

When I first heard about the speech he gave in Florida, my gut reaction was: WE NEED HELP HERE IN AMERICA! WHO NEEDS A MOON?

Before we start claiming other planets (he mentioned making the moon the 51st state) - don't you think we should get our finances in order? put our citizens to work? put an end to factory farming? get our country off the couch? reclaim our overseas factories? improve our public school system?

Just at the time when our troops are finally coming home - our noses are in our own pots - you mention taking attention away from our nation, and focusing it on the moon.

American's needing to occupy the moon is to other countries needing a monarchy. its all show.

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