Every Cup Counts

Every Cup Counts:

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that life moves quickly; decisions are made so readily that the consequences barely seem tangible. When we order that latté to go, do we really consider the fate of the takeaway cup once we’ve dismissed it to the rubbish bin? That’s where “Every Cup Counts” comes in. Using motion dolly time lapse, director Phil Kibbe presents an exploration of the unintentional environmental impact our takeaway habits can have, and introduces a solution in compostable cups from Green Paper Products.

Appropriately focusing upon images of nature and change, interlaced with bustling footage of modern life, the video provides a stirring environmental message that does not come off as preachy or condescending. The video presents facts in such an unassuming and honest way that the message of the video is far more resonating than it would have been using any other method.

Essentially serving to remind us that we do hold the power to make choices that can benefit the environment, and ultimately make a difference, the video provides—in the creators’ words—”a visual portrait of the disposable age, and the solutions that lie ahead”.