An Iced Wunder

An Iced Wunder:

It’s fitting that German photographer Martin Wunderwald is currently riding on the James Blake bandwagon, as we can’t think of a better visual equivalent to the musician’s work than the immense landscapes captured on Wunderwald’s recent trip to Iceland.

“I really like to give obviously dead and lifeless things an importance by photographing them,” Wunderwald told us, citing anthropomorphism as one of the great driving forces in his work. This is communicated perfectly in his images of calm, icy rivers, whose chilly tops are indistinguishable from and hiding in the dim sky above them—it’s as though the rivers, mountains and icebergs he photographs are taking a break, holding still for his camera.

“The beauty of swimming around icebergs at Jökulsarlon moved me to tears,” he says of his trip. “I was overwhelmed by my little human self being amongst this expanse of nature around me. The most intense moment was to open the door of the car I slept in and see a huge glacier sticking out its tongue. ”