Photographers & 9/11 & my day yesterday

Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. I spent half of the day listening to the StoryCorps & LivingNow series on NPR. & the other half of my day living in the present - at the set of a music video shoot in Berkeley. It was a beautiful day, and some of the stories brought me to tears. Other stories reminded me of things from that week - things I remember personally. Some of these images hit so close to home because I lived near St. Vincents & the WTC was my commute for my first job in manhattan. There are so many tributes out to the photographers - I'll choose Magnum to post here. My connection with the WTC: It a part of my commute for my first job in manhattan. I hung out at the Sephora & JCrew stores (the main floors were filled with stores). When I had time to kill, I would sneak up a few flights in the elevator & see what I could. I didn't do that but a couple of times though. My father visited NYC in August of 2001, and he wanted to go there - so we did. We went to the top, looked around, got a treat, and I showed him that part of my life. I used to just sit outside in the summers in the plaza area & listen to the live music. One night, in New Jersey, Romel, Izzy & I hung out after work, and sat looking at the towers. At night, offices coordinated the lighting, and made a big smiley face with the lights. Each eye had a tower, and then both towers shared the smile. We appreciated that from afar. My current life ten years later: California, Dog, Apartment, Cooking, Music, Photography, Miata, Hills, Clouds, Water, Bridge, Health, Friends, Cars, Full Moons, Sunsets, Small Town My life ten years ago: NYC, Rye, Village, WTC, High Heels, Friends, Drinking, Taxis, Central Park, Running, Trains, Headphones, CDPlayers, Waiting, Angst, Buses, Noise, Smoking, Drifting