killing & suicides

so, osama bin laden has been smoked out of his hole & killed. whew.

do you feel "safer" ?  do you feel "free-er?"  do you feel american pride?

more importantly -

does this mean all of our troops can come home now?

the suicide rates amongst returned veterans are rising- here is an article on - 20% of the suicides last year were returned troops - here is the article.

i was going to start reading about this courageous effort of the "murder inc." guys & how they smoked osama out of his hole - but as i started reading - i thought: "i wonder how many of these troops are OK to return home & actually have normal lives now"?

it would be a nice idea to think troop johnny is on his way home to get his gold star, kiss his pretty wife, park his car in his garage & play jenga with his kids.