(picture of sunrise on my way to work this morning)
when i was on my 2000 cross country road trip with the great Taryn McFaryn, I fell in love with a little town called Cumberland - in Maryland.

today NPR featured a band from that town in one of their segments - here.

my favorite part is where the girl explains cumberland - its exactly how I explain it - you are driving up HWY68, round a bend, and then the speed limit changes to 40mph, forcing you to slow and check out this little piece of Americana, in the bowl of a couple of hills. its a gorgeous little town. church steeples, main street, & you can see where it starts & ends. pefection.

other towns that fit that bill (for me):
prineville, oregon (where my family farm is) & nicasio (where i am going to get married or have my 40th birthday party. whichever comes first.)