JSF @cityartslectures

i have a random snobby intellectual side that gets giddy about things like library additions (hooray kenai library) & lectures... for instance, back in 1998 i used to attend tapings of inside the actors studio - before poor james lipton was mocked on SNL, or creative writing workshops where you work through your repression by writing about wind with a bunch of other people wearing tortoise shelled spectacles... you get the point.

ok. soooooooo i'm reaaaaaaaaaly excited about getting tickets to the city arts & lectures taping of Jonathan Safran Foer. My friend and I wanted to also attend Judd Apatow and Mark Bittman - but they were OBVIOUSLY sold out.

City Arts & Lectures is always so perfectly pretentious and insightful. last fall it quickly became my FAVORITE radio show. it always aired after my random yoga class. i had just gotten the miata. it was september. the sun was setting around 7pm - during yoga. after class, it was dark, but the air was still warm. i would drive around, with the top down, so proud and happy to have a convertible, and listen to the calming voices and stories on City Arts & Lectures. My favorite guest at that time was the man (i forget his name!) who had all of the stories of his travels through Tibet, and India, and China! Such an insightful, calm man. I love the way the audience sounds - educated - laughing at the "inside jokes". Its one of those radio shows that makes the nerds of the Bay Area feel accepted & where we can all listen together and laugh & learn.

anyway - i'm excited to attend and see what the audience is like. JSF is my age. he is brilliant, kind, and gastronomical. oh, and he's cute. :)