sterngrove, originally uploaded by hellodeer.

i love stern grove because its free, and peaceful. sure, parking sucks, but so does the weather. whatareyougonnado. nothing.

anyway, i'm excited for rouge wave on sunday. i don't really care about there might be giants. but i'll be there early for rogue wave. i don't have their latest album, and was too busy this week to get it & prepare myself for the concert. again, whatareyougonnado. nothing.

so it took me a hot minute to decide which song to attach to this post. they have so many sweet, slow, harmonious ballads - but i'm going to choose Nourishment Nation from their album Out of the Shadow (my current fave right now) because maybe it is one solid song that has been overlooked? i dunno.

update - altho i wanted to attach nourishment nation, i'll have to attach Christians in Black (from Asleep at Heavens Gate) because that is an mp3, and drop io didn't like my mp4...

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love you. have a good weekend.