no impact man

i know i know, i'm late to the party on this one...

i finally had a minute last night to watch a movie! ah the joys of summer. so i cozied up to "no impact man". here is his blog. what i thought would be a boring, just-another-dude choice (i had a backup), ended up being a movie that actually made me laugh loudly, yes, CRY (quietly).

this movie is about a nyc man & his family who attempt to have no environmental impact for 1 year. the movie ended up being more about the sacrifices and compromises in relationships. i was more impressed by this couple, than i was by the point he was trying to make. it was powerful when the wifey turns her frown upside-down, and joins her husband in the tub where he and the daughter are stepping on clothes in an attempt to do the laundry.

i would recommend this movie more as couples therapy before i would recommend it as environmental literature.

i hope this doesn't discredit the work or the main objective of the movie. maybe i am saying this because i live in the microbubble of marin, where most of my friends are already actively conscious of what we need to do to lessen our impact.

like i said in the beginning of this post, i'm clearly late to the party on this movie. it was released in january. i haven't read any reviews. i don't really even want to google the outcome - did she have a second child? are they still married? do they still live in the city?? i kind of just want it to remain as is in my mind, because it was just that powerful.

rent it to watch a strong, loving, reasonable relationship where both parties are active, coherent, participants. its brilliant.