some friends and i were brainstorming names for that specific group of kids that are the following:

men: waxed mustaches, suspenders, linen/collarless shirts, local, organic, microfarmloving, microbeerloving, 10 speed bikes, vintage obsessed, tattoo of a paring knife on left forearm
women: vintage dresses, choppy hair, local, organic, microfarmloving, microbrewloving, 10 speed bikes with basket, etsy profile, indie band blog, small tattoo of the mortons salt girl on inner right calf.

what to do??? those kids need a name! they are not hipsters, they are not beard rock, they are not fix-ies, they are not farmers, they are not gearheads. they are all of those things and more.

so i got a text the other night:
"Anise, we are in a bar with handlebar moustache type dudes again, and thought of a name for the style/subculture. It's 'DAPPER DANS' thought you should know."

"ok" i thought. and then i thought it might be cute to call the girls dapper dames.

but in the end i texted back:


i like the sound of that.