strawberry blonde

Today's beer review is by guest blogger Dan. I love surprise visitors, and Dan was one of them this past weekend. He was in China Camp taking some time out after being the best man at Ryans wedding, when he got the brilliant idea to call me. i couldn't have been more pleased. so naturally, upon his arrival, i put him to work. beer work.

Strawberry Blonde
(pic by dan).
where: novato bevmo.
website: there is no company name on this beer. we just see strawberry blonde label...
taste: citris: lemon & oranges lead the palate to a solid strawberry taste. Easy wheat style summer drinkin'!
Label: there is an attractive woman on the label... i'd buy it!

back to anise:
my first encounter with this beer was smell. zach & i purchased the beer in novato. we were so excited to try it so we put it in the freezer. 1 day later... i had frozen strawberry blonde beer all over my new freezer, and it smelled sooooooooo good. i remember i had the day off, and all i could think about was beer smoothies and strawberries. so i hauled it back up to novato and bought 3 more pints. anyway, i was not disappointed. it is very citrus, but it is actually great with strawberries and great with SUN.