terrarium attempt

after reading a few articles on terrariums, i put that on my list of things to do this weekend. while i was in berkeley & oakland on sunday, natalie took me to some really hip gardening stores. after a bit of an adventure, we finally found annies annuals. there, i purchased some fun things for my potential terrarium.

picks for project: (minus the big fuzzy white plant from greece, and the lupin)

a few hours later, i realized that making a terrarium is way more difficult than it looks. dirt gets everwhere, plants break, and sometimes it just doesn't look right... i ended up simply putting one plant in the vase i set aside for terrarium madness:

any advice would be much appreciated. i'm still trying to work out the layout in my mind. also, i'm a little nervous that the plants will simply die because there is no drainage in the glass.

either way, cactus jungle in berkeley has pre-made terrariums that are just gorgeous! i might have to concede, and just get one already made. i think my hands are too whatever to make these miniature worlds...