lobotomy bock

new beer review section:

why? beause good beer tastes good. because i spend a lot of time with a 'beer snob'. because i just recently moved into a place of my own, where i can actually purchase yummy drinks, and not have to hide them from drunk roommates. because there needs to be more reviews by regular janes like me.

so here goes: lobotomy bock from Indian Wells

where: Whole Foods
website: none to speak of...
other reviews: dallas, ratebeer, 97 bottles, beeradvocate
cool flickr find: from ron & judy
cost: about 9 bucks for a 6 pack
sillies: 10.8%
color: dark amber
taste: smoothy molassesy - not to hoppy or bitter.
chug factor: definately chuggable because its so smooth
temp: its great cold. my 2nd one I had warm, because I poored it, and then realized i had a couple errands to run - when i came back an hour and half later, it was drinkable.
slurring capacity: the 1st beer was chugged. i was thirsty and hungry. no real slur. the 2nd beer was sipped during a movie, and before bed. i was tired. i might have slurred. either way, it knocked me out. amen.
morning after: aside from waking up at 3am and going through scrapbooks from my trip to scotland this one time.... there were no real hang-ups the next morning.
label graphics: on a scale of 1-10, i give these graphics a 5. the red caught my eye, but i kind of wanted some cute explanation at why they call it lobotomy bock... instead i got a minor map of the brewery on the bottom of the cardboard carrier. i didn't take a picture of that. sorry.
overall rating: 7. If i am going to spend 9 bucks on a 10% beer, i might as well stick to my tried & true "undercover" by lagunitas. its closer to home, has a cooler label, and just tastes richer.