a little confused

More interesting pictures from the gulf oil spill - here

nytimes survey timelapse

I'm just wondering why movie stars or art funds or non profits aren't rallying to "save the gulf" from this monstrous natural and financial mess? Where are all the haiti helpers now? Why aren't I getting emails to donate 2 dollars to the gulf? why are people losing their jobs and no one is helping them?

oh, maybe they are all still in haiti helping?

or maybe everyone is home from haiti now, and too busy boasting their chests out while reading their articles about how they helped haiti.

i don't mean to bash on haiti. i'm trying to make a point. we have problems here. that we are directly paying for and our children will be paying for. like we are taught before we fly in a plane - can we please try to put the mask on ourselves first, before we put it on our neighbors??

when we have nothing left, and our resources are tapped, or spilled,,,,,,,, how are we going to help our neighbors then?

oil spill from space

here are 2 ways to help - i simply wish that these were getting more press than they are.
international bird rescue
National wildlife federation