of biking to work, eating breakfast @ home, bringing my lunch, & not stopping for coffee...

it has not been easy. :) its honestly one of those things where every morning i wistfully look at my car with the joy of getting that 4 dollar coffee treat... one morning i had the keys in my hand, and was ready to call it quits on the biking... so close! but i resisted. like all addictions, this one will take a few weeks to kill, and by august, i won't even think of taking my car as an option. it is very nice looking at my bank account on saturdays and seeing the same balance that was there monday morning. the other perks are obviously health & environment. blah blah blah.

the sandwich bag replacement is a local company here that makes these kinds of things. i've forgotten their name. but i'm sure they are at the thursday farmers market in san rafael, ca.