sunday supper

well. did you know that there is a website called bon appetempt, where they attempt (and consume) bon appetit recipes? so fun.

so i attempted to tackle the column "sunday suppers" in bon appetit's april 2010 issue. i was debating between this, and a yummy-looking kale lasagne in the issue, but after reading the editors note about her memories of sunday suppers with her family, i was swayed.

The recipe was Chipotle Roast Chicken Tacos.

with Poblano Potatoe & Corn Gratin:

new-to-me trick - sliding my hands in-between the breast & skin of the chicken. i was nervous at first, but my brother walked me through.

other thing i havent quite mastered - gravy. my roommate walked me through that one.

overall thoughts:
this meal was a little heavy for my standards. The gravy was greasy, and I would have made the gratin with a lighter cream base; -maybe a ricotta cheese instead of mozarella. i would probably not add this recipe to the rotation of meals, but it sure was fun to make! and most importantly, it sure was fun to entertain & make other people happy. i am curious to see what they have in store for the reader in next months "sunday suppers" column.