new continuing dream

i'm pretty sure this is the 2nd time i've had this dream.

i'm hanging out with trailer trash friends. we are all drinking. someone in the group dies - i happen to be there. there is a guy and a girl and they both decide to hide the body in a closet in the house where we are partying. the house belongs to an old boss of mine who harbors ill-will towards me.

this happens a second time, but this time they take the body to the water and bury it at sea - with no one knowing.

one day, i was hanging out at the house, and look up, and see the first body, still rotting in the closet. i feel all of this horror and guilt, and try to get the people back to the house to remove the first body. i wake up before the dream is resolved.

this dream could mean a lot of different things. the main part of it being the same thing that my other re-occuring dream meant - hiding something. i wonder what i am hiding tho? last weekend i told my 2 deepest darkest secrets to mia, and i'm fine with them. i don't harbor them as evil anymore. so i wonder what this is all about.