i just finished watching the tv show freaks & geeks.

1. my little brother geo was told to watch the show also, and i think its funny that we both discovered the show at the exact same time.

2. characters in order of which i liked them starting with my favorite:
the little brother
high school counsellor
lindsay's parents

3. my favorite part of the show, or the part that i identify with the most was a conversation between lindsay & millie. they are discussing why lindsay is hanging out with the "freaks". lindsay's response is typical lindsay - she shrugs and says idunno, and then she reflects on the crowd, and says "you know, they don't really inspire me." i feel that way OFTEN. i mean, who doesn't like a little inspiration. right? so i've been thinking about that and thinking about that, and now its carrying into my life and i'm working on hanging out more with people that INSPIRE me. or doing things that INSPIRE me. i'm pretty sure thats some kind of key to something.

and thats what i got out of freaks & geeks.