whoa whoa whoaaaaaaaaaaa. i just remembered my dream.

anderson cooper was hanging out with me. wha? well not really. he was just around. and i was talking about this guy who was hot, a news anchor.

wait a sec. i had incredible dreams last night.

there was this guy that had been jailed for a very long time for breaking an entering at a cathedral. he finally escaped. at this point in his life he had wasted into slimy troll - but had the stamina to climb stairs?

so he escapes back into the cathedral and tries to climb to the top. he makes it past the guards and is still climbing climbing climbing. i woke up when he was at a section of the cathedral devoted to modern-day successful people.

anyway. anderson cooper was hanging, and i was talking to this 8 year old telling her about how hot this certain news anchor was, and that he also had a really hot mother. anderson just kind of looked at me.

and then we all sat down on the couch together, and watched the news.