to sum it up.

one night stands, or 1/2 night stands, or 2 hour stands, or 36 hour stands, or weekend stands, or stand stands, or breakfast stands, or bar stands, or gossip stands, or moppy stands, or work stands, or 5 night stands back to back.

they are all like fast food.

just one trip to mcdonalds, one trip to wendys, one trip to burger king, one trip through the drive through of in-n-out, one trip to jack-n-the-box, one trip to sonic, one trip to a&w, one trip to big joe's express, one trip to dairy queen.

all leave you happy and then sad. fit and then fat. beautiful and then greased. hamburger then fries. soda then milkshake. ketchup then mustard. seasame then bun.