tonight i ate only vegetable bbqd things.
and i liked it.

we talked about our sun signs. and our moon signs. and our rising sign.

did you know that i am a taurus towards bedtime, and libra at waking. i am run by the aries sign, as my "core" and as a taurus, i am actually striving to be the opposite sign, which is scorpio.

so that makes sense. we are all something. arent we. i mean, we all have traits of something.

so why have traits set in place?

oh cuz someone said so. and its been one of the oldest since the dawn of time.

interesting how they just showed a commercial with an olympian, and he was sitting on the couch eating while watching tv while reclining.
sendin' a message people.
sending a message.

people telling stories to get your attention. keep watchin.
dog time. chilling with your dog.
bed time. chilling with your bed.
showing all the things its going to take you to be an olympian.

all these things together make you a winner.