i got caught sailing.
when i was five........

tonight i went sailing drop-of-the-hat last-of-the-minute seat-of-the-pants at 5pm after getting a "lets go sailing" message from a stranger on sfsailing.com. so i drove to the sausa and sailed.

i was UNDER the golden gate. i've been waiting for my chance. to be under it. and i finally got it. 2 years later. well, actually 3! i've been here for 3 years.

the company was nice. the weather nice. the breeze choppy.

i hope he asks me again. its one of those things though, where you meet cool people, and its kind of all in their court. they have teh boat. they are in charge. alls you can do is smile and say you had a nice time.

wells i hopes they likes me.