newyork june 08

accents. fastfuastfooastfoohastphacst.
one two three four five six seven-maybe eight egg sandwiches.
kaiser roll. toasted
2eggs pepper swiss
2eggs pepper swiss bacon
2eggs bacon
2eggs bacon american
2eggs bacon american
2eggs bacon provolone

chicken tzhadziki off the grill
mistersoftee dipped in butterscotch
longfords ice cream
martins potato bread

bryant park movie. dr. no
coors light cans during movie "so california of me"
"you are such a hipster" when i thought that term had died.
bummer tim russert
white wine white wine champagne tequilla shots white wine.
20 dollar metrocard.
orange hair comments. none good. me not caring.
13 year old hipsters with private school friends.
friendship bracelets.
friendster marriage.
facebook friends.
wow taxi! wow with your screens. wow with your credibility.
trains. longplanes. clouds. rain. big drops. thunder. small drops.
prada bergdorf hm forever21 soho fragments purl patchwork new museum lit
esspresso on mulberry. pinkberry on sullivan.
public displays of affection. dark parks. rain flips.
125th street fordham new rochelle larchmont mamaroneck harrison rye portchester greenich coscob old greenwich riverside and stamford.
this train is making all local stops.