exploding feet

i just had this dream - aka nightmare? where there was a suicide bomber throwing a bomb on a school. the school was empty. he threw the bomb, and it landed in the trash can. the trash can blew up, and started a fire.
my parents and i watched. then my mom and dad ran, as the bomber moved his attention toward us. he then challenged me. i was sitting in an orange eames chair. he threw a couple of smaller bombs at my feet. i kept sitting there, casually crosslegged.
and then as they started smoking, i got up and ran.
after a few minutes, the entire nation caught on to what was going on. people started walking around with garden tools.
as for my family - all i wanted to do was lay down with my mom. but her bed was empty. her front room - where her bed was - had been turned into a station not unlike the one featured in E.T.
i then started to get concerned as to the whereabouts of my parents.
and then i woke up.

with a very STRONG allergy to dust mites - aka: they give me asthma. er, GAVE me asthma - apparently it never goes away... i now have to wash my ENTIRED bedding in hot bleach water once a week. i tried going two weeks, but it is leaving me weezing and stuffed nose. so i guess its going to have to be every 2 weeks.
washing them hot w/ bleach means i (obviously) can now only buy WHITE. it also kills all the mites.
then i spray a little bleach on my mattress. there is actual dust mite spray, i just simply have to special order it.