weak, mildly interesting men are............ just that.

having you call the shots? how mundane.

they hang out together. they are talking.
they are talking with undertones that you might show your face.
you need some popcorn for your movie.
reluctantly you go upstairs and pop your popcorn.
half orgasmic that you are having a cozy night with popcorn and movie.
touching yourself on the way there and back.
so anyway there they are. mundaning away.
staring at you. one stares a lot. one talks a lot.
telling you a story about the trees.
you going hm and ah. hm. ah.
in your silence they realize
oh. bummer.
and then your popcorn is popped, you retreat. giddy.
and they get quiet and go to their rooms to pout.

now what kind of men are these? who does this?

this is how you would hang around a mother.
this is how you would hang around an owner.

leave mommy without you tonight. she is watching a movie.
mama can't throw the ball. she is watching a movie.

get out! get out! get out!