it was a gorgeous spot. a water/bay/beach/rocky area. a secret part of a park. a grotto like on the almalfi coast. but here in the bay area.
him and i go night swimming. in reality he was upset last night that i didn't join him at the pool - maybe this is why i had this dream.
so we travel to minor places together. like the city, nearby lakes, attainable hikes.
we had 2 options of how to get to our destination - swim - or walk. of course we chose swim. so we swim in the black water. and make it. and have a wonderful time. pointing out rock formations. pointing out the blackness of the water. accidentally touching. fully enjoying each other. laughing. water. rocks. bay. beach.
so we go back. this time we bring annoying friends. they bring their annoyances in the forms of their voices. their equipment. we urge them to just swim. just jump in. ditch the boat. ditch the kayak. ditch the pontoon.
as i am talking to annoyance, getting her prepped - he leaves me. he says its a waste of time and that he will see me at the destination. upset, i tell the annoyance that i am leaving her. try to leave her and she follows in her boat.
her insecurity of being out in the night. on a boat. in black water. makes me insecure. so i get scared. start worrying about sharks. stop focusing on destination.
hear him calling for me. testing me.
get mad at convenient store situated in the middle of the swim. tell annoyance to go to hell.
jump in the water and furiously swim to be with him again.
and then we are together. cold. wet. tired. satisfied.
and the sky is still dark. the stars are still out. the water still that deep blue color. glistening. but dark. his hands wrap around my back. wet. and we stand there. stand there. stand there. breathing. looking. breathing.