movie updates

as much as i wanted to watch fellini's satyricon so i could more fully understand that dweeb in annie hall............. i didn't last but 18 minutes, and had to read the wikipedia page instead............... i didn't last but 3 minutes and had to blog about the death of my latin battery instead.

i feel about satyricon as i feel about jellyfish as i feel about 29 palms. it is a sad day when i have 3 movies to report in an ill manner.

never have i walked out of a movie at the rafael (my favorite movie theatre in town, of which i am a member, of which only shows indie/art/historical films). seriously, every movie i have seen there was just incredible. and then i watched jellyfish. and then i walked out.

29 palms. geesh. within the first 4 minutes, i could tell the dude was a terrible actor, the chick sucked, and even the first sex scene was ridiculous. but i wanted to see the other sex scenes, so i watched the movie on x2.

masculin, feminin
- required viewing. felt like i was in college sneaking into anna's film class with her, while thinking about how cute eric b. was. there were parts of teh movie everyone should memorize of course. and then it ended.

mama roma - what i saw of this - was INCREDIBLE. but then i never got around to finishing the movie. i was out of it last week.

a bunch of asian director movies from criterion collection - good, but am i listing them by name and giving you the details? NO.

and now i take out satyricon, and insert my life as a dog.