ennui - on wi

love places that serve beverages and play music and have backrooms that maybe open onto something with fresh air and a little more space.

love savoring cigarettes, sipping beer, shaking my head in agreement. one patron had a corncob pipe. the other a fedora with an orange/white feather.

tonight - or - last night 3 of us similars were hanging out - stopped by that place in sausalito three names - some name - no name. and the jazz was boppin'. the jazz on friday is of note. i'll add it to the section.

"you seem like you have ennui" . "you seem like an observer"
"i am sorry. i don't have ennui. but thank you. i find that flattering. or - i like that you used that word. thank you. and yes. i'm an observer".

and a participator. but i do like a good observation if i do say so myself.

horizons in the sausa - little bit spendy. this makes me uneasy in tourist towns, so i'm giving it a 6. if the sausa weren't tourist, and the food weren't packaged, i'd give it a ten.

but if my stomach were smaller, my hair brighter, and my legs a different shape, i'd give myself a ten too.

2 guys. same name. formal version of name at that. kinda funny?

matthew mark luke john.
first and second samuel. first and second kings.
deuteronomy joshua judges ruth.
levitacus numbers.
peter paul mary

had a talk with monique about galacians. sp. promised her i'd check out a congregation on sunday. but i also promised leah i'd be at the farmers market, and i also promised hillary i'd meet her in golden gate park for bay to breakers. i also promised my mind that i'd take myself to forever 21 in serramonte to stock up on 3 dollar earrings. so i've got some promises to break. and some to keep.