pretty religiously, during the m-f workweek, while most everyone is toiling away at their desks - or not toiling away at their desks. paid for by someone else. toiling for another person's idea, etc. i get on my bike and ride it 13.5 miles to mill valley. the goal being sarah's new house. sarah is there, making jewelry in her new studio. her new house is cute. so is sarah. so is her toiling. so we gab for 10 minutes, and i am now accustomed to taking a swig of dixie peach drink. every sunday, i buy a gallon, and drive it over to sarah's house for monday's ride.

as with most activities, this ride gives me a way to listen to new music (sort of like a commute would), and it is also a chance to not check email or phones for about 3 hours. in today's world this can be incredibly DIFFICULT. right? it gives me a chance to be solitary, with my mind and my body for 2+ hours - minus the time with sarah. talking with her, drinking the peach is my goal on the way there. on the way home is sort of when i let loose and think like crazy.
recently "on the way there" i've been fighting demons!
"turn back"
"you can't do it"
"you are so slow"
incredible! right? it makes me think of this guy i met - his name is matt. he works in san rafael at the recyclery. the summer i biked daily as a commuter from mill valley to the city, matt would always speed by me on the golden gate. how did i know it was matt? because he only has one arm. so every day i would get my ass seriously kicked not only by matt, but by the fact that we both left work at the same time, and he had an extra 12 miles to go before catching me on the bridge.
so of course i needed to talk to him. i went over to the recyclery one day and said "you are always passing me on the bridge".
his response: "i am chasing a lot of demons."
and that is when i kind of fell in love with him? but i knew it would never be anything because well, he is chasing a lot of demons. but i loved his answer, and as much as i wanted to say "i wanna chase demons with you" i know i don't have that "i am chasing demons" look, so i just shut my mouth and smiled, and wondered if he has ever experienced true love. that is so girl of me. anyway.

that summer i biked over the bridge was a special one. all summers are. for my birthday, my parents gave me money for a roadbike. all i wanted to do was bike, dog, and knit. i managed a yarn shop, i didn't have internet, and i lived in hipsterville. i ate burritos from the scary part of the mission. i biked like a madman and when i got home i knitted. i knit like 89 hats that year. i look back and call it my year of knitting. whats interesting is that i have since heard of 2 other women in their late 20's who moved to san francisco and spent the first year knitting. one of them went to purchase with me.
i find this interesting why? is it san francisco? the weather in the city is so terrible in the summer. its like winter. why do we spend it all inside, listening to the radio? but i was content. so go figure.
thank god that year ended though. i have no desire to knit. i despise it. i don't think i would even be able to pick up knitting needles right now. i can sew, sure. but knit? it actually makes me physically sick.

so anyway, back to today. i started my 30mile bike ride today thinking about how FICKLE the election has become. i am officially back on the fence. i was off the fence a bit, and set up my tent at camp obama. but now i'm back on that stupid fence. this is a second by second election. well, maybe a minute by minute election. it really IS INDECISION 2008. i think i'm back in camp hillary. i tutored her godchild. i've met her. sure, shes all creepy and powerful. but she's been there. and clinton was so cool and sexy. so i'm back in camp hillary. i was in camp hillary the whole time, until i got side-tracked by this evangelist. maybe once he serves some time, we can put him in office. 8 years of hillary, then 8 years of obama. then america will be bloody perfect. and i will make more than 60bloodyK per year.