where the children play

today was "stripe tuesday".

i know i know. i didn't get the memo either.

in washington dc, the children play on the bronze einstein.
in new york they play on the welded jungle gym.
here in california, the children play on the gnarled tree.

conversation with emmett on the way to the pizza joint.
e: anise? what is the tallest tree in the world?
a: the redwood. and guess what?! they live here in california.
e: lets go see them!!
a: OK emmitt. i will point out the next redwood i see.

and then about 5 minutes later (we were in mill valley) i pointed out some redwoods to the kids. they stopped in their little tracks, took a minute, looked up, and exclaimed "wow".

its this type of stuff that actually makes me feel GUILTY for taking money at the end of the night.
its this kind of stuff that centers me, calms me down.
some people try yoga.
some people ring gongs.
some people listen to electronica while sipping on a pacifier while tripping on acid.
i've found that hanging out with these simple, pure minds, can be pretty nice.