well wipe the dust off of your wings,
and the sleep out of your eyes.
-t. van zandt

so yesterday was superstitious. i kept having blossoms fall on me from the sky. the 50s kept saying oh, that means you are fertile.
now this is strange talk for them. yesterday's lunch was highly focused on the fact that i am fertile, and them finding someone to make me un-fertile. again, they never talk about that. they are more interested in telling stories.

2 birds have set up shop in one of my hanging plants. have i mentioned this? not only 2 birds - 2 bird FAMILIES. i guess they were really close. the families. they were like "sure, lets go lay eggs, but can't we do it with johnny and claire? lets find a spot where we can all lay eggs together." so that very spot is my 12 dollar hanging plant from home depot.
one of the bird nests has 5 eggs.
again, did you know its good luck when a bird lays nest in your house? and what about 2 bird nests?
lucky son-of-a-gun.

so there are 5 eggs. did you know that bluejays eat sparrow eggs? they do. while mr. bird goes out foraging for food, mrs. bird sits by the nest, protecting it from bluejays. apparently the blue jay is a modern day teradactyl. i am goign to watch the whole thing first-hand of course. i'll keep you posted.

there is a photographer i found that takes pictures of animals in houses. like, wild animals.
this is my version on the theme