hm. have nests evolved? they've just always been this perfectly built circle, twig by twig, by grass blade, by grass blade. always making these circles for comfort. for mama birds hot ass, and baby birds shells. always this round circle. never has papa bird said "i'm going to build a cellar on this nest."

there are so many unanswered questions with the dad who locked his daughter in the cellar thing.

i liked how one tabloid - i mean newspaper - called it the "austrian syndrome" or something like that. apparently this has happened before in austria, and now all the austrians need to be assessed.

this was more than locking her in a basement. this was calculated fairytale shit. this was i'm building a cellar for my daughters 19th birthday stuff. this was when sleeping beauty turns 21, she will be kissed by a prince. aren't the bulk of fairytales from eastern europe?

so many pieces not quite put together. i hope it turns out that the grandmother - his wife - her mom - is senile. i hope she like, has some kind of mental disability. what woman knows not their house? what woman knows not their garden? where the one child was burned.

al roker is shrinking again. good for him. maybe he got another stomach surgery? is that legal?

i open the. fire door to 4 lips. none of which were mine, kissing.
tight my belt around my hips. where your hands were missing.
-a. difranco.