of note pt. 2

subhankar banerjee's stuff is so sick i don't even know where to start. i've seen it before, but it strikes a chord with me now.


slowly taking notes for the crucial nyc to-do list. which is a feat in-and-of itself, as i haven't felt this resourceful about sucking manhattan, since 1998. i'm not kidding you here. i'm really not.

sf doings on -
+yo yo yo hi-def cam live view city by bay.
+what up wit da photographers having funny names.
+in nyc i had a secret desire to be a quiet lounge singer, similar to the caliber of annie hall. the vision specifically: after work, go to your bar, put your breifcase down, stand in front of 8 men, sing "wouldn't it be nice", receive a few claps, and maybe someone would clear their throat. here in sf, that same vision exists - only the desire has switched to burlesque dancing. seems like a logical switch. it happened the day i moved, and has only increased since.
+2 of my fave movies on big screen this wknd: big l @ red vic & raging bull @ the castro. don't you just wanna see that blonde get mad and cry and croon on the big screen?
+elf power show friday w/ audrey.
+saturday is finally finally your chance to go try to get into one of cobrasnakes frames. he will be here with his poplovedj dim mak. 103 harriet.
+headlands on sunday open house. major cool because will oldham is now in residency.
+fashion: fedoras. it occured to me on sunday, that here in california, the baseball cap has been replaced by the fedora. few men can pull this off, but those who do - can simply rip out my heart, and sew it, still beating, to their tight bicep sleeves.