of note pt. 3

throughout the week i keep things i find here, in this 'of note' series. welcome, to the 3rd installment.

did that sound like npr or what?

ok. so this weekend is going to be fun-filled as sadie from milwaukee rang me yesterday saying she is in town w/ kyle, who will be running the big sur marathon. i love visitors, and sadie is always up for fun. and i'm sort of in awe that kyle has been preparing for a marathon, given the fact that milwaukee is cold as the middle of hell during winter.

whats the cool thing in big sur?
the henry miller library of course.
kyle's marathon

bay side:
caribou at the indi tonight.
poems in oakland
hot hot hot pete is playing tonight. he's so hot i just think i might not go to his show. in protest of his hotness.

internet side:

out of office auto reply

forget the 100 american movies to watch, plus we've already seen them. lets move on to the criterion list. how many have you seen?
film snob tote bags
red flower
cool fabric designer alexander henry.
modern cowboys
simply breakfast
becoming a foodie