there are a few things that i like fat.


i find it funny that for a woman who's entire career is based off of self portraits, she doesn't have a picture on wikipedia. ha.

the girls at my old office in nyc would have loved the fact that cindy sherman didn't leave her ny apt. for the first few months she lived there. why? she was scared of the cat-calling. the girls at my office used to come over to my desk and compare stories of the cat-calls they received on the way to work. i used to take certain routes in the morning just to avoid the calls. after moving to sf, i actually MISSED the calls. here, the calls only come from the animal immigrants. so i am back to hating them. in italy the cat-calling is so absolutely unbearable that anna and i used to spit at them and call them cockroaches. southern italy might as well be egypt, might as well be jerusalem, might as well be kabul. its all the same once you go south of rome.
cindy sherman, after her success, did a bunch of photos of grotesque images as a backlash. she simply said "i wanted to make art that no one would buy." in a way "how dare they think my art is cute enough to hang in their living rooms? i'd like to see them hang this huge bleeding cunt above the mantle". and of course someone bought it. i mean, its cindy sherman. of this, robert longo said "she seemed rather upset during this period. i find it to be her strongest sense of work."

instead of putting cindy's cunt up here, i'll put one of my favorite longo's. will the skinny tie ever not be hot?