god if you can, see the movie irina palm, if nothing but to get you into marianne faithfull. what a beauty. and google imaging her has been nothing but a treat.

i mean WOW. just SKIMMING this is incredible.

irina palm is a movie about handjobs (essentially - don't try to tell me its about the kid she's trying to save. the audience could give two shits about the kid. he was hardly in the movie, and passed out the whole time.) however, looking at mariannes faithfull lips made me think maybe she should be giving other jobs.

what a movie. and look how this woman can look so different in all these black and whites.

with mick.

fyi, they covered this tattoo in the movie.

younger version.

how her body had changed.

her bangs are an inspiration.

hello? bangs and dog? how perfect is she.