walking around during the workweek at malls and shops and stores. babies cry. typically i leave the store immediately. i have a very strong aversion to crying babies & the sound of commercials. i'd rather be swan diving off the golden gate, than listen to either.

so anyway, the babies cry and i leave and enter another.
baby starts crying.
i leave. find another.

after the third store of this, i go home. i'd rather be home than in these crying stores.

a girl sent an email the other day about how her marriage is off. they called the whole thing off. the email was filled with sentences that made me cringe. however, i wasn't surprised.

from the first day i met the couple together, i knew it was doommed. he was a nice quiet man, she was a nice woman with an agenda. in month 2 of them dating, she suggested he moved in. he quietly did. in month 3 of them dating she suggested she have another baby. he silently objected. then about 4 months later, they sent an engagement email. 3 months after that, the breakment email.

as i was driving today through the novato heat, i wondered why all the rushing?

quiet men. rushing women.