in astoria oregon, they announce ship updates concerning the harbor, over public radio. you turn on your radio, and they talk about them in a human - female - sense. "bessie is a 2-ton carrier. she rolled in last night bringing cars. she's waiting for the tide to rise, before she docks."
to be quite quite, i did take me a minute to figure out that they were talking about a boat. a large vessel.

del mar was the first beach on my trip through the oregon coast. we (rowdy and i) pulled in, and ran free. oh the sand dunes. the grass. the angels at which the grass grew? or was blowing with the permanent wind.

then there was a section that was so gutterly that i only remember it in black and white. reminded me of my overnight trip to venice from vienna where we went through the dolmites and only got silent glimpses of these incredible mountains. on the coast, you got breif glimpses - while the sun was rising - of incredible rainforests, mosses, branches, oceans, rocks! rocks! rocks!. and then it was over. until the next breif opening in the hwy or trees.

another thing about the oregon coast is that sometimes you get glimpses of the logging. behind these beautiful road walls, you would see smoldering vacant hills of stumps. and then trees. and then smoldering hills of stumps. hundreds of them. and then trees. something you would never see in california. in california that scene is replaced by homeless.

in bandon there were cranberry bogs and rich men. and my aunt georgia. trying to make it happen with her man.

and then we got to eureka! it was nice. it was hippies lost paul bunyons with a connection. bolinas with some organization.

in california you can see all the wires. they are exposed. you can see all the potholes. but i was travelling a more popular road. so that makes sense.