there's a hoof of pig that the smaller dog owns. he chews on it when he feels like chewing on it. he brought it out of his room today.
i spotted the bigger dog sniffing around the hoof, look up, and snatch it up with his mouth the size of the little dog's lower back.
and the bigger dog jumps back. looks at me. i look at him.


he looks at him. walks over apologetic. makes sure his nose touches me. and lays at my feet.


every 2 minutes we hear the little dog chewing at her hoof. nibble nibble nibble. walk away. nibble nibble nibble. walk away.

when she walks away... i see his big brown eyes look up at me. eyes the size of her paws. they look up. i look at the abandoned hoof. i look at his eyes. they look at the hoof.

and back she is to chew. nibble! scratch.

and he sits and waits.

she grabs the hoof and walks away. dropping it along the way.

he sits and waits. looks up at me. looks down. looks around like nothing is going on.

i wait. he inches closer. looks up at me. looks down. looks around.