ran into blood today. the blood is moving to oregon next week. going to san francisco to buy his one way ticket for the train.
you stopping by the family farm?
sure. its about a half hours time from where i will land.

killing time. won't stop. this crime. killing tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime. won't stop. this crime. killing time........................ wont stop. this crime.

yep. still on elliott smith. but this time, its roman candle. just do yourself a favor and play the whole damn album 1nce a night before you go to bed. and then wake up and play it silently while strumming your air guitar. when you wake up. the whole damn thing. what is a roman candle?

so anyway, back to blood.
he was eating his vegan bites.
and talking about juicing mights.
going to live with a friend from school.
who's dad is dying. of cancer.
going to cleanse the dad and
get this
"cook" raw vegan food.
but........... raw food isn't cooked?
mr. practical and i stay quiet. bite our modest, tall lips. and sit next to each other. oh fuck thats another whole topic in and of itself.
so anyway. blood says he's gonna save the world with juice. raw juice. gonna slip the cost of a juice machine i tell yah.
so uh,,,,,,, you are just going to stay with them?
yeah. they own a tanning salon.
biting lips. knocking knees.

so whatdowegot?
former longhorns fan - i'm talking only bought longhorns shirts and hats and carried the longhorns flag around with him for good luck - goes vegan.
former cooking school guy - i'm talking fifty grand loan chef friends working in manhattan starter job was top 3 in san fran - goes raw.
raw vegan kid goes to oregon. makes sense.
to help a guy diagnosed with cancer. who owns a tanning salon.
you copy?

killing timmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmme. won't stoppppppppppppppppppp this crime.