the parts that i think about the most.

ratatouie - the part where the mouse is cuddling and curled up in a ball. reminded me of rowdy.
there will be blood - wow. the shot where its dark, and you only see his red face on the screen is the shot i remember the best. wow. how is face changed.
no country for old men - the begining when lewelyn is walking around and you hear the ground crunch beneath his feet. that was my favorite part. hearing him breathe out in the open. and look at things through binocs.
27 dresses - the elton john bennie and jets part. of course the part where he says he cried like a baby at the fallon wedding. i started crying.
into the wild - the ocean scene. my god the ocean scene. and the bit where he screams.
persopolis - the iron maiden part. it was a great picture of youth.
juno - seeing the mom at the mall looking at children. seeing the mom feel juno's belly. seeing the mom get her baby.
the bucket list - seeing the 2 characters get depressed in the hospital together.
charlie wilsons war - the beginning part with all the coke.